Kat's creative Ukulele Book - learn playfully - play knowingly

Through years of playing and teaching adults and children and giving over 100 workshops for beginners & advanced players, I have developed this book, which, unlike many uke guides out there, is more of an overview and collection of original tunes than a fool proof step-by-step instructor. It serves well as a complementary book to other ukulele guides and to my individual lessons and workshops, or simply as a resource of fun tunes to play.

- Overview of theoretical & practical aspects covering music theory and technicalities of playing & exercises to grasp these concepts
- 30 instrumental compositions for solo, Duet and Ensemble (different grades from easy to advanced) in GCEA tuning
- Chord Overview - Strumming and Picking Pattern Overview
- Pairs & "Black Ukulele" Game for laminating and playing to understand music theory in a fun way
- Ukulele Mandala for colouring in
- over 30 mp3s backing tracks iin slow and fast version, both Accompaniment and Melody to play along to, and over

currently only available as PDF file (and mp3 files for the backing tracks)

15,- GBP British Pounds