Kat's creative Ukulele Book - learn playfully - play knowingly

Through years of playing and teaching adults and children and giving over 100 workshops for beginners & advanced players, I have developed this book, which, unlike many uke guides out there, is more of an overview and collection of original tunes than a fool proof step-by-step instructor. It serves well as a complementary book to other ukulele guides and to my individual lessons and workshops, or simply as a resource of fun tunes to play.

- Overview of theoretical & practical aspects covering music theory and technicalities of playing & exercises to grasp these concepts
- 36 instrumental compositions for solo, Duet and Ensemble (different grades from easy to advanced) in GCEA tuning
- Chord Overview - Strumming and Picking Pattern Overview
- Pairs & "Black Ukulele" Game for laminating and playing to understand music theory in a fun way
- Ukulele Mandala for colouring in
- Useful overview of Strumming and Plucking Patterns
- Helpful pointers for practising
- Over 70 mp3s backing tracks, as seperate Accompaniment and Melody parts to play along to, and complete to hear whats its supposed to sound like

currently only available as E-Book PDF file (and mp3 files for the backing tracks) which I will send you after payment to your mentioned email adress via we transfer, due to the volume of the files